Statutory Information Signs Compliant with the data protection act

In order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, the correct signage must be mounted adjacent to the entry to CCTV surveillance areas. In the case of outdoor areas, surveillance signs should be fixed to the perimeter on the approaches to the area and at strategic positions within less well defined areas such as town centre schemes. These signs must state that CCTV recording is taking place, the purposes of the scheme and contact details of the Data Controller.


Details on the sign

Buying off the shelf signs could mean your system is non-compliant, all signs must be of a certain specification and display and conform to the following.


  • Purpose of scheme
  • Data controller's name and contact details
  • Appropriately sized for purpose A4 or A3
  • Correct and appropriate positions

Reasons for having signage

According to the data protection Act 1998 "a person has the right to view any data stored about them, that is held by a third party".


This data includes CCTV images of them, or directly connected data such as vehicle registration plates that can directly identify them.


An individual has the right to request a copy of the CCTV data that has been taken of them and can make a subject access request to obtain this.


In order to enable this request compliant signage must be placed around the site with details on how to contact the CCTV operator and data controller.

CCTV Controller Signage

CCTV controller signage has been designed to fit every display combination and purpose. This allows the signage to be quickly deployed and registered, ensuring from day one your site is compliant and running.


Each sign has its own unique identifier or scheme ID. This ID identifies the site, the operator and data controller. On the sign there are both telephone contact details and a website were the information can be requested and the requests for access and information are managed.


CCTV Controller signage comes in different sizes A3 external signs and A4 internal and includes standard and bespoke designs with or without logos.

Below are example CCTV Controller signs in various size formats.


A4 Sign

A3 Sign

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