Change Log

Version 1.0

  • Customer module (can add, edit and view customers)
  • Engineer site visits can now be scheduled
  • Faults at sites can now be logged
  • Ability to schedule services for sites
  • Compliance forms can now be added
  • Site plans can now be added
  • Advanced search now available
  • Major tweaks and improvements

Version 0.8 (show/hide)

  • UI Version 3 Update - Visual improvements, better accessibility and interface management, plus more...
  • Better 'About' CCTV Controller pages, including our standards, policies and new contact information.

Version 0.7.6 (show/hide)

  • General tweaks and improvements.

Version 0.7.3 (show/hide)

  • New FAQs and improved Help information
  • Improved Site Management
  • Improved Scheme ID Management
  • Minor site tweaks and changes.

Version 0.7.2 (show/hide)

  • Scheme ID search improvements
  • SAR improvements.

Version 0.7.1 (show/hide)

  • Scheme ID storage period updates
  • Form updates and improvements.

Version 0.7 (show/hide)

  • Ability to make Subject Access Requests (SRAs).

Version 0.6 (show/hide)

  • Users can now be created by admins
  • Scheme IDs can now be searched.

Version 0.5 (show/hide)

  • Sites can now added and edited
  • General improvements to managing Scheme IDs.

Version 0.4 (show/hide)

  • Scheme IDs can now added and edited.

Version 0.3.1 (show/hide)

  • General improvements to the register and login system
  • Overall visual improvements.

Version 0.3 (show/hide)

  • Ability to login/logout
  • Ability to register.

Version 0.2 (show/hide)

  • General app improvements and maintenance.
  • Basic app functionality improvements and additions
  • Website styles (CSS) created - with basic layout and design.

Version 0.1 (show/hide)

  • Application development begins. Basic application functionality added
  • App core and bootloader created.