Request Management

CCTV controller request management allows you to outsource the management of your subject access requests.

The type of data collected by a CCTV system is protected and governed by the data protection act 1998. So requires a management system, procedures and a data controller to be in place to protect the data from loss or unauthorised access. The appointment and training of the data controller with appropriate access and control of the system to manage and ensure the retained data obtained is secure and not available for public or unauthorised access.

Once the system is in place anybody caught on the CCTV cameras has a right to ask for a copy of the images. This is known as a subject access request and forms part of you obligation under the data protection act.

Once a subject access request is received it must be acknowledged, managed and responded to appropriately. (There are certain exceptions to the above which our software and support desk will help you manage).

CCTV controller allows these requests to be simply managed and responded to offering a full audit trail and sign off for your obligations.

A set of CCTVController branded signs displaying a unique number. (scheme) are displayed around the deployment. Anybody visiting the site will clearly see the signs and information displayed. If the visitor decides that they have grounds to request a copy of held data, they will either take the CCTV controller website, phone detailsĀ  and unique number directly from the sign or can be directed to them by staff.


At this point CCTV controller systems will help manage the data access request, giving the client updates of the request when relevant.


  • Support desk to support you with Subject access requests and exceptions
  • Recording of requests with full audit trail from initial request to delivery (cloud based)
  • Obligation management (cloud based)
  • Downloadable documentation and templates for compliance
  • Client and applicant liaison