About CCTV Controller

Buying a security system to protect your business initially seems to be an easy decision, but managing the system comes with certain legal requirements and obligations, which if breached can be expensive through both financial penalties and failed prosecutions.


Most CCTV applications and installations are covered by the data protection act, which has clear set rules which must be adhered to fully; claiming to not understand or not know is not an acceptable defence.


The rules are clear and you need to know who and what is covered, what areas are not allowed to be recorded and what must be blanked out, how the data is managed, stored and under what circumstances access to the data is allowed.


If video evidence has been obtained is a legal and can it be used to obtain a successful prosecution. Factors such as was the correct signage in place when entering an area, was that signage clear and correctly worded can affect the outcome of a prosecution.


The above seems a little bit daunting but the directors and staff that support and devised CCTV controller call on years of experience in the security industry. The more complex areas of deploying and managing a security system have been performed countless times, with every function and control of CCTV controller being devised to manage or negate a possible risk to the successful operation of your system.


By using the system to manage your obligations, you will negate and meet these easily, the on-going management of data requests (subject access requests) is outsourced and managed by the system, with every step recorded and offering a full audit trail.


With an active R&D budget and team, new processes and regulation become our problem and are addressed by the team and quickly and effectively integrated into the system.


What we have created is a dynamic management tool that ensures compliance and offers enormous benefit to management and business owners in such disciplines as compliance, operational procedures, processes and staff training.


To meet and discuss your requirements please contact us for a no obligation quote or audit of your site and responsibilities.